Category Description

Work for this category needs to have aired exclusively online and aired in a language other than English. Charity/PSA campaigns are not eligible for Non-English Language Online Commercial of the Year. All entries must be the final, aired version of the spots; director cut version are not permitted. Work entered into this category needs to have first aired – or be scheduled to first air – on TV between the dates of January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. All entries must have English subtitles for judging purposes.


Mandatory: Yes
Required: 1

Media Types Accepted

Media type: YouTube
File types: youtube
File size: Up to 2047.999999046326 Mb

Media type: Vimeo
File types: vimeo
File size: Up to 500 Mb

Media type: Video
File types: mov, mp4
File size: Up to 500 Mb

Media type: ExtremeReach
File types: source